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Humor and Fun

Baby Day

Piggy Bank


My Beer Friend


Mother In Law




Happy Prince

Snake Charmers

Beer Office

Frog Sperm

Good Year


Washing Machine

Middle Fingers

Egyptian Genie

Fat People Joke

Free Food

Friends Boobs



Drunk Party

Second Hardest Thing

Personality Matters

Stinking Rich

Spam Messages

When Drunk

Word Scramble

Silent Film Actresses

Seatbelt Design

Hate Your Job

Redneck Farts

Great Writers

Baby Baby Baby

Coffee Cup Prank

Perfect Day

Nice Pair

Internet Addiction

Carrying Donuts

Artificial Intelligence

Blonde Brain Cells

Breast Squeezing

Chatroom Emoticons

Complicated Decisions

Condom Slogans

Office Boredom

Drunk Driving

Hard Boiled Egg

God Tenure

Having Two Men

Being Homeless

Ice Cream Production


Female Problems

Magic Mirror

New Apple CEO

Office Fart

Relationship Types

Say Something Smart

Sponge Boob

Toilet Paper

Tunnel of Love


Zombie Girlfriend

101 Positions

You and an Egg Joke

Punch Newt

Punch Obama

The WomenTranslator

Why I'm SoTired

Water Balloon Fight

My School Was So Tough

Falling Asleep at Work

May the Farts be with You

What Men Have Learned

Little Johnny Joke

Saggy Granny

Mans Remote for Women

Redneck 911 Call

You Might Be a Redneck

Rack or a Crack?

Fun Quiz

Crick in the Neck

Funny Photo Album

Oh Crap

Moods of Smilies

Amazing Math Trick

Wishing Well Joke

Magic Card Trick

Big Knockers

Dark and Stormy Night

How to Impress a Man

Live to be 80

Get Over It

Funny Quiz

The Fortune Teller

Pull My Finger

All About Farts

Lighting Farts

Why Men Sleep So Much

Drunken Hamsters

A Boss is Like a Diaper

The Perfect Couple

Snake Bitten

Pie in the Face

Single Women Can't Fart

Farting Granny

Bra Meter

If Friends Were Boogers

The Blonde's Day Out

Barrel of Laughs

Bad Pickup Lines

Drinking Impairs Judgment

The Backside of a Smiley

World's Funniest Babies

Punch Obama

Punch Hillary Clinton

Send a Bomb

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